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A Ministry is Born

Wow, this has been a busy school year and it is not even half over yet.  We are in high gear preparing for mission work.  A big step has been in establishing our ministry.  The ministry is established and is almost ready to go full speed Logo - Heart Cross - smallahead.  This name, “Heart of the King Ministries”, was made known to our hearts on the mission field.  During our Charis Bible College second year mission trip to Ecuador, the Holy Spirit directly downloaded this name, actually it was downloaded in Spanish: Corazón del Rey.

We are currently in the process of filing for 501c3 tax status.  This status allows for donations to our ministry to be tax deductible.  Hopefully, our application with go through quickly and without an issue.  We need the 501c3 tax status to fully hit the ground running.

There are a couple of mission trip opportunities coming up for us this school year.  In January, one of the 2nd year
Charis mission teams will be going to the Dominican Republic and we have been asked to be team leaders and go down with them.  This is an awesome opportunity to work with and learn from the missionaries who have lived there for 21nicaragua_1 years.  Also, our six week finally for the third year Mission school has had some ups and downs.  We initially were going to Venezuela but discovered that we would not be able to obtain a visa to enter the country.  So, it was back to the drawing board, so to speak. Through prayer we were given another great opportunity and will be spending six weeks in Nicaragua on the Mosquito coast (also know as the miskito coast).  We are very excited about this trip because we will be working with the Miskito indians  of Nicaragua.  Wow, a full six weeks ministering with “Every Home for Christ” in Nicaragua.  We are excited for this time we are in.  The Lord is lining up the experiences and training that will get our ministry off on the right foot.

We thank everyone who has been so encouraging to us in our preparation, we know the Lord has lead us to this place at this time.  I think our willingness to follow His leading and our excitement to follow His every word has never been so great.  We know He will be faithful to finish the work He has started in us.

We need and appreciate your prayer support for the work ahead of us.  With you, our friends by our side and participating with the ministry work, we can take the Gospel to some of those in desperate need of His love and His word.

As the Lord leads you, your financial partnership would also be greatly appreciated for this work. The cost of our Dominican Republic trip is covered by Charis Bible College since we will be team leaders for their second year students.  The six week Nicaraguan trip has a total cost of $5000 covering both of us, we must cover this cost.

Our 50% deposit was due November 28th and the partnersremaining 50% is due in March.  If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially, we deeply appreciate it.  If you are not lead to partner financially, we understand and strongly desire your prayer support with equal or greater enthusiasm.  Prayer will empower us and the Lord will provide for us.  With your generous financial partnership, we have meet our November 28th goal.  Thank you to all who have made this possible.  The remaining 50% is due in mid March.

Contributions for this work are tax deductible through our school.  Click HERE to view our donation page for details if you are lead to support our outreach.  There is also a gage where you can track the progress of donations for reaching the goal.

May the love of God fill you and your family,