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CBC Goes to the Dominican Republic – Day Three

January 20, 2017


Topic Evangelism.  When Tim first came to DR, he was able to show the Christian film (Cross and the Switchblade.). We need to ask God to show us ways to share the Gospel, be creative and open, and He will give you ideas.  Tim was able to pray on the public bus for people.  Evangelism comes in many forms and the Gospel can be presented in many different forms, just be obedient and obey.  It is evident that the fire of spreading the Gospel is deep within Tim.  Message today:  why do we do this?  #1, Jesus told us to do this, go into all parts of the world and preach/share the Gospel.


Right after breakfast and devotions, we went to a school with approximately 500 students and faculty.  We performed the skits, Tim gave a short evangelistic talk, and announced we had food to pass out to each one.  The children received the entire presentation very warmly and were well behaved.  Tim prayed over the entire audience, and then the candy and food was handed out.

5:00 event was in an open-air environment.  After an early dinner (we ate ALL the time) we took out for a park.  Not like any park in the US, it was a small area on the corner of the block and had tree stumps, rocks, and dirt.  There was a basketball court on one side, again not what we have in the US; but the Dominicans were pleased with it.  The truck parked on one end of the dirt lot.  We split into groups of 4, 5 students with 1, 2 Dominican young people to canvas the area and invite them to the performance.

During this time, there were opportunities to pray for people.  The group Mary Lacy was with experienced this:  a lady was walking up the street with a cane and limping, she smiled and they greeted her in Spanish.  They asked if they could pray for her.  The Spanish interpreter conveyed that they were missionaries and wanted to minister to her.  It just so happened that they were in front of her house.  She unlocked her house and they entered.  They were there about 10 minutes praying with her.  She had had a stroke and also had surgery.  As they prayed, you could tell the Holy Spirit had touched her as she began to weep and some of the group were also touched.  She said she could feel the Holy Spirit move in her body.  She communicated she was very blessed and they could sense the peace of God on her life.  They are believing for continued healing for her.

We performed our skits to a crowd of approximately 100 people—people of all ages from infant to elderly.  After that, Tim spoke to the crowd and encouraged them to come for prayer for salvation and/or healing of any sort.  The team stood in front of the truck and many people came for prayer.  There were salvations and healings for many.

David prayed for a man complaining of chest pain.  He received a touch from the Lord and the pain left.  Praises to the Lord were given by both the man and David.

Eli and Bryan prayed for a young man (20’ish) and felt lead to pray for his heart (spiritual) for a new heart.  They then prayed for little boy (maybe 4’ish) (the little guy was drawn to Eli and sat on Eli’s leg as Eli knelt down on the ground) and Eli saw in the Spirit the little boy ministering over the nations with his footprints going out to reach the nations.

Kathy prayed for an elderly lady with an eye problem.  She knew the Lord, the joy of the Lord was evident in her demeanor.  After praying, Kathy learned through an interpreter that her eye problem was no more.

Troy prayed for salvation for a little boy, Alvin, and he received Christ.  Troy placed his hand on the boy’s heart and there was an excitement and a true experience.

Tim spoke with people and they told him they would be going to church because of what they heard, the seed was sown.


Information taken from team report written by Kathy Hewitt (team journalist)