Vision & Mission


To share the heart of the King, Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement: 

Sharing the heart of Jesus to see people set free from their past and walk forward in relationship with our heavenly Father. 

  • By teaching and demonstrating Biblical truths in Honduras. 
  • By helping other local missionaries reach their goals to grow the kingdom of God.
  • By building relationship within the local missionary community and the local Honduran community.


The purpose of Heart of the King Ministries was born in the jungles of Peru. It has been watered and nurtured by over 30 short-term mission trips to Central and South America between the years 2004 and 2017.  In 2017 this ministry was created to support the calling of God on our lives.

While on the mission field we saw the need for people in remote rural areas to hear the balanced grace and faith message of Jesus Christ so they could understand and live in a personal relationship with our heavenly Father and His Son.  During our mission trips, the Lord placed it in our hearts to work with His children (young and old) in rural areas. Our call is to take the Word to these remote areas through teaching and preaching a balanced grace and faith message along with providing the resources needed to help reach people for God. As we live in the community, we plan to work with leaders, pastors, friends and neighbors to teach the Word of God which brings life and hope, winning souls for the kingdom of God.  We plan to emphasize relationship with the Father and provide training, encouragement, Bible materials, structure, mentoring and whatever is necessary. We will start by leading Bible studies and building trusting relationships in the community.

The ultimate purpose of this call is to reach as many people as possible in the communities to which God directs us; people who do not know Jesus, people who know Jesus only in their minds or mental thoughts, people who believe they are good enough to go to heaven based on their works, people who do not have a personal relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; these are the ones we are called to reach with the message of God’s desire for relationship.  We believe the lives of these people can be changed forever for the Kingdom of God and His glory.