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CBC Goes to the Dominican Republic – Day Six

January 23, 2017


Mark and Nancy gave us a portion of their testimony and told us a little of how they ended up here at Casa Grande helping Tim and Trina.


We loaded up prepared to share our presentations at a public park in downtown Santiago.  When we got there, there was another presentation going on and we were not able to do an outreach there.  We went to an indoor, 2 ½ levels of stores for shopping.  We were there for approximately an hour, then returned to Casa Grande.  We had an afternoon of rest and relaxation.


Tim wants to share a few things with the group.  God wants us to be finishers.  Gen 1:31, everything God made and it was very good.  When God starts something, He finishes it.  Tim prays that whatever God has spoken to us individually, we will allow Him to finish it, or to bring it to pass.  There’s no turning back.  Keep your eyes on the Cross/Jesus before you.  Keep God first in your life.  If you are going to be a finisher, you can’t live in the past.

Never give up or give in to the voice of the devil.

If God has given you a heavenly vision, do not be disobedient.

I Cor 15:58 always be steadfast…


Information taken from team report written by Kathy Hewitt (team journalist)