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Heart of the King Ministries Newsletter

Praise God for His goodness to you and me, He will never fail us!

We had a wonderful trip to the states during Christmas. It was our annual time with family. This year we had a road trip with Robin’s brothers to Nashville, TN to soak in some country music. We also spend time with Gene’s family in Georgia. We returned to Honduras the first week of January. Fortunately, we had a week to recover and settle back in before getting back in the swing of things!

Every Tuesday and Thursday we assist with the “Teach Me 2 Love” class for special needs kids. There are 8 boys and girls that attend in our area and really look forward to their classes. We pick up 3 of the children, as we drive in, they sing and laugh all the way, what a great way to start the morning. As soon as the boys walk in the classroom door, they get the ball and head off to the basketball court. It has been amazing to watch them pick up the game and play, running up and down the court then throwing ringers! Next, we have worship time as we sing, dance and laugh; I know God enjoys hearing the praises of these kids.

We do a Bible lesson learning truths from the Bible. With a coloring book filled with pages of pictures from Bible stories, each child has a favorite story; God hears us (Daniel), God forgives us (Jonah), God gives us the victory (David) and more. Of course, there has to be a snack/break time, this may be more for the teachers than the students-ha! Craft time is always fun, painting, cutting, pasting; it’s messy sometimes but with great results. Mr. Jon gets several books and reads to the students. Lately the students have joined in as “teachers” holding the book and turning pages; building leaders! We end each day with a prayer of blessings and expectation for the next class.  God is good! We have seen such growth in each of these children, some have begun to talk, learn colors, numbers and letters and to love each other more. What a blessing to be part of this group.

In March, our missionary friends in La Ceiba asked us to come help with a team coming in from the states, so we did. It was a pleasure to assist with cooking, take care of errands and work in the local school. Our friends Lee & Cindy from Free Chapel in Georgia were part of this team, it was great to connect with them again! We joined the team as they visited the local nursing home which was closed to visitors because of COVID but we were able to stand on the porch and talk and sing with those inside. Can you imagine not having visitors come in for over 2 years!!  They appreciated the visit and sang and smiled with us.

Vicky teaches English at the local school and this year has her own classroom, PTL! Part of the team scraped and painted while the rest practiced English and math with the students.  On Friday we had a “carnival day” with games, races and stickers, lots of stickers! What a joy to see these kids laugh and play. One afternoon was spent at a local village sharing Bible truths, coloring pages and playing games.  I learned a long time ago that in third world countries, playing, coloring and hearing Bible stories is very rare.  Unless someone comes in and brings these things there is not much that goes on for the children. Our prayers don’t go unheard. As we pray for the world, for others to hear of God and accept Him as their Savior, there are some that will go and share. Mission teams, friends, relatives, business people, missionaries, all who go to another country to help, stand in need of prayer and God hears.

Once a week we join ‘Team Solheim’ as they work with teens.  Club Aslan is based on playing games and connecting with others.  As part of the club the kids can earn badges as they complete badge requirements.  This is sort of like earning badges in the boy scouts or girl scouts.  It is exciting to see the kids turn in projects, recite Bible verses, tell Bible stories, show artwork and other requirements to receive their badges. 

God has heard and answered prayers concerning alcoholics in La Esperanza.  La Esperanza is located in the mountains and alcohol (moonshine) is available for cheap. Unfortunately, many take advantage of this vice and end up on the streets, literally on the streets. Lying in doorways or on sidewalks with their feet in the streets, it is a big problem we have seen since being here.

We, as missionaries, have prayed for this situation seeking God’s intervention; the mayor’s office has sought help and together with God, help is here.  A connection was made with an alcohol recovery group in one of the larger cities and they have come to the rescue joining with local Pastors and the help of several missionaries. Ministerio Vida has been working in Honduras for almost 20 years and has a track record of success.  They have a five month ‘live in’ program and use teaching similar to the Celebrate Recovery program (if you are familiar with that program). 

After weeks of discussion and planning with the mayor’s office and others, A location was prepared, a dedication was held and then the real work began; bringing in residence, treating them, teaching them and showing them that God loves them.  Gene has gone out several times with leaders from the ministry to bring in alcoholics from the streets to a safe place where they can live for a time as they clean up, learn to depend on God and start a new life. La Esperanza means The Hope; praise God, through prayer hope is coming alive and changing lives, improving families and cities.  Join us as we pray for this ministry and the men there. 

We are fortunate to be part of a little church that is growing (Church – Love that Redeems)! Leaders Jon & Alicia are missionaries just up the road in Yamaranguila.  They started this church with a few friends that were looking for a church to attend (us included). We have grown together as a family, loving and learning from each other. There are both Hondurans and North Americans attending weekly.  Jon teaches us with a special Word in English as Alicia translates to Spanish; great to help us learn Spanish and others to learn English and all to learn more about God our Father! After church we eat lunch together, celebrate birthdays, holidays and new homes! Yes, a young couple and their son have a new home. Jonathan, the husband made the adobe blocks and built the house himself. It was such a joy to have a “housewarming” party for them.

A couple weeks ago was a “back to school” celebration for the community. There were about 30 children attending who received back to school supplies and many have returned to attend church! Praise God! Alicia’s parents visited last week and her father and mother (who were missionaries In Mexico) spoke an encouraging message.  We pray that God works mightily in this community to bring hope.

A COVID update from Honduras. It seems COVID is not as active down here now but the scare of COVID still exists. The affects of shutdowns will be devastating to the future of this country. With NO school for the past 2 years, the government passed all students to the current grade that they would normally be in.  Can you imagine teaching 2nd grade classes to a child that only completed kindergarten? Some of these 2nd graders do not know how to hold a pencil, they don’t know numbers or the alphabet. It will be a tough year for the teachers and students.  School is starting back but, in our area, students only attend 2 or 3 days a week with lots of homework or in one school we heard they attend 2 ½ hours a day for all 5 days. They must be vaccinated and do have to wear their masks all the time they are in school. We pray for patience and wisdom for these teachers and that the children will be eager to learn.

Gene and I are doing well.  We thank you for your prayers and support and for the truck God provided.  God truly blessed us with the truck, we have been able to help so many people get to the doctor, hospital, or airport when needed.  Oh yes, our friends just had a little baby boy. We took her to the hospital at 3 a.m.  I had never thought about it before but here the taxi’s stop running in the evenings. So, for those that don’t have a car and need to go for medical help at night, they must wait until morning to get a taxi, walk or know someone with a car.  We were thrilled that we could help our friends. Everything you have done or will do for us answers the prayers of many people here in La Esperanza, Honduras. 

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.  Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, Philippians 1:2-4

P.S.  As you have probably noticed, it has been a while since our last newsletter.  We certainly have not forgotten you! We are changing things a little and plan to send out a newsletter quarterly while posting more on our Facebook feeds. Please follow us and stay connected.

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