Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras
Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras

Heart of the King Ministries Newsletter

We can’t do everything but we can do something!

Isn’t God good! This past year has been so different. Restrictions, lockdowns, isolation…but God was with us through it all.  His love and protection shielded us; His spirit guided us and we are stronger by His grace.

Things haven’t changed much for us here in Honduras, we still have restrictions. No more than 10 people can gather in homes, no more than 50% of people allowed in businesses and churches, and of course social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer are a must everywhere.

We started in November, through your support, helping a student to continue his education at South West School, the private school Gene teaches at. This 3rd grader, Angel, is a smart and determined little boy eager to learn. He received all A’s and B’s for the first half of the school year. His parents are so thankful for your help.

For the science fair his project was “How does a compass work?” With schools not meeting in person, the students had to prepare their projects and submit a video showing and explaining the project. It looks like Angel put a lot of work and preparation into his project and should do well in the competition.

Join us in prayer for his future and for the financial needs of the family.

While we were in the states our missionary friends who were taking care of our house plants contacted us that they had to move immediately. They had had Corona Virus in the summer but had recovered.  But Tim was still having breathing problems. The doctors ran tests but could not find the problem. Soon they saw the cause; black mold was growing in the ceiling of their rented house. We let them stay at our house while cleaning and panting with Kilz (mold resistant paint) was done but the mold came back quickly so they had to get out of that house. Thankfully, they quickly found a good house to move into. This is a miracle in itself, finding a house to rent is by word of mouth and with the virus situation, people were not moving, so housing was scarce. God always makes a way! They found a nice house with a nice fenced in yard for their dog and a chicken coop ready for their chickens! When we returned, we were able to help them move and they are settling in nicely. Tim is breathing much better and is now able to get out and minister again.

Shortly after we returned in January, our missionary friend Alicia came over for a visit. As we were talking I asked how we could help them. She and her husband are trained to work with handicapped children and have about 15 children they work with. When the virus hit, the building they were using became a station to treat COVID patients. With help from the parents, they were able to find 2 places to continue working with the children. In one place, a mission camp near us, they work with children from La Esperanza and in the other place, a church, they work with children from Yamaranguila, which is near their house.

They meet with each group on line one day a week and in person one day a week. We go one day a week to work with them offering assistance as the children sing, play and do school work. These children are amazing! They know their numbers 1-20 and are learning the alphabet. They are so joyful! Join us in prayer for Alicia, Jon, and the children of Teach Me 2 Love.

Classes are going well for Gene as he is teaching about the life of Jesus. The students are listening and learning about how God loves them and how special they really are.

The government is no longer helping with food distribution since most businesses are opened now. The markets are also opened so people are back at work selling their goods. It is still hard for many of the people; the poor are still poor and needy.

We thank you for your support and your trust in us, as we reach out to help those around us. The needs are great but our God is greater!  As we do the “small” things each day, God is creating a greater love in us and building us to be the servants He has called us to be.

We hope that each day you will join us and try to do something just for God knowing you can’t do everything but you can do something.  Praise God! 

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