Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras
Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras

Good Things are on the Horizon

Finding our place

Now that we are working on transitioning from full time language/culture studies to actually moving into the call we have been given, things are getting busy.  Sorry we have not posted in a while.  We will try to get back on our monthly schedule.

Missionary Conference

Speaking of transition.  As we mentioned in our last post, there was a missionary conference at the end of September held here in Siguatepeque.  We attended and had a great time.  We made and continued to develop connections with the missionaries living here in Honduras.

Leader Conference La Ceiba

We have also made a trip to La Ceiba Honduras to work with White Fields Missions for a week.  They hosted a team of Central American leaders and their wives who represented each country in Central America for their specific denomination.  There were about 44 people total including the missionaries and workers.  We had a great time serving these leaders and this ministry.  After returning to Siguatepeque, we had just enough time to wash clothes and head out again.  This time we went the opposite direction, into the mountains toward El Salvador.

Camasca Bi-lingual

We visited with missionaries in Camasca Honduras. They work there with the only bilingual public-school system in Honduras.  We had a great time in the English classes, visiting a new startup church, eating with a local family and spending time with the missionaries.  On our return to Siguatepeque, we stopped to visit with missionaries in La Esperanza.  They work with children and youth.  They also teach English in the local public school.  In the past two months, we also got in some more language classes at the Spanish Institute.  Things are moving forward and it is exciting.



A Visitor

Joey and Robin

We are so thankful for our truck because it was needed as we went to the airport to pick up Robin’s brother. Joey came down for a two-week visit and after a day’s rest we all went to school for Spanish classes. This allowed Joey to learn a few words and phrases to use while here and to get a feel for what we have been doing the past year.  He enjoyed his classes and learned some greetings in Spanish! Next, we took a trip to visit The Copán Ruins. Copán was an ancient city in the Mayan Empire built between 400 and 800 AD. There were many carved statues, carved stairs, remains of buildings and alters that have been unearthed and new discoveries are still being uncovered. The area is home to many beautiful Macaws that sang and flew through the park.  While that close to Guatemala, we also decided to visit missionary friends just across the border.  Our friends in Guatemala took us to a couple of the churches they are working with. One Pastor & his wife are building an indoor bathroom and another church was building a room for the Pastor and his family to stay in overnight after services. They walk 2 hours one way to this village to preach the gospel and have 3 small children so this room will be a real blessing for them. While in Honduras, Joey also went with us to our Tuesday Bible study in English and visited our Spanish Church. We had a great time and it went by fast but we really enjoyed having him here.


Independence Day & Flower Festival

Independence day in Seguatepeque

We have had two opportunities recently to attend celebrations and parades. The Central American Independence Day is September 15.  Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica all celebrate Independence from Spain on this day.  Actually, here in Siguatepeque, we celebrated a second time on September 28, you may ask why?  That is a good question.  Honduras celebrates Independence Day on September 21 because that is when the treaties where signed in Guatemala for these five countries.  But, there is also a celebration on September 28 because that is when the messenger arrived in Comayagua, the capital city of Honduras at that time, to announce that the treaties had been signed.  Also, in October, the Annual Flower festival was held with parades and much celebration.  It was a rainy day, so we did not attend the parade but we saw a lot of festivities going on all around us.

Everyday we celebrate the goodness of God! He has blessed us in many ways. One special blessing is having friends like you. Thank you for your prayers, encouraging messages and support. You are in our prayers and we love you very much.



Thank you … good things are on the horizon.




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