Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras
Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras

Week Four in Nicaragua

We are now into week four.  Before leaving Waspam and the

Palm Sunday

Moskito villages, we attended a palm Sunday service at the Moravian church.  They celebrate palm Sunday with large palm leaves at the entrance.  Everyone walks through the palm entrance. Inside the church, there are palm leaves on the floor and everywhere.  It was a great

Moskito house

service. We also visited a Moskito village on the Coco River not too far from Waspam.  A quick flight back to Managua on Tuesday and it is time to prepare for whatever comes next. After doing laundry and packing, there is just enough time for a quick run to the Pacific.

Pacific Sunset

A two hour drive has us on the Pacific coast to walk on the beach and view the sunset.  The return drive took longer than expected; up a curvy mountain road, meeting large trucks that took both lanes in the curves.  It was a long and “exciting” trip back. A short flight on Thursday morning brought us to Bluefield on the SE coast. All is well. Actually, all is great. We have done a lot of walking home to home and several church services.. The current salvation count for Bluefield is five (5).That is five new believers in the Kingdom. Bluefield is majority

Pastor Roberto gathering our breakfast from his front yard

Spanish speaking but has a lot of communities with a Caribbean influence. They speak an English and Creole mix.  Most of them also speak Spanish.  We fly back to Managua on Monday to do laundry again.  Then on to the next ministry opportunity.

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