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Heart of the King Newsletter – 2023 Q2

Better together.  You know, we can’t do everything ourselves but when we join with others a lot can be accomplished.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.
1 Peter 4:10 NLT

Iglasia Amor Que Redime (Love that Redeems)

Our church had a great spring.  In April the women of the church prepared a huge pot of the Manna Pack rice then we plated it and took it to the local hospital. What a joy to give food and prayer to those in need. (Read more about this below in the Manna Rice Packs section)

During May and June, we were taught a series on “I am”, who we are in Christ; and on Easter we were reminded of the last words of Christ and encouraged to finish well.

Then we learned about why we get baptized and soon had a baptism service at the local hot springs. It is wonderful to see fellow believers grow and follow the example of Jesus.  Gene helped Pastor Jon as four believers were baptized, then we had a picnic and enjoyed the water.  

In the neighboring city of Marcala, a Honduran couple has built a modern and beautiful physical rehabilitation center where they offer free or reduced rate services to those in need. This is a Christian couple who put God first and they love serving people.  For those who have had strokes, broken bones or other debilitating needs this center covers it all. The place is equipped with up-to-date equipment along with well trained and educated personal to work one on one with each patient.  We and several other missionaries were invited to come over to take a tour of the facility.  Earlier this year we met a new missionary couple so we invited them to join us. While there we were served a delicious lunch and as we sat and talked together the new missionaries made new connections. 

After lunch we were off to see some property where another Honduran lady plans to build a rehab center for those coming out of prison and as God would have it, the new missionaries are in the construction business. It is always a joy to watch God make connections. As finances become available to purchase materials the work will be done by the new missionary’s construction team. Also, while we were at the center, the patients heard that we were missionaries and many of them asked for prayer.  It was our privilege to pray with many of them and we believe that their recovery is complete by the power of God.

In May we joined our friend Sharon as we visited the nearby village of Santa Catarina.  We had gone there earlier this year with Sharon and her visiting team and gave out Bibles, socks and goody bags. One of the women there knows Sharon and asked if we could come back for another visit. There are about 8 families and they remembered our previous visit.

This time we were able to give one lady, who cannot read, a solar powered audio Bible to listen to. She was excited and said she listened to sermons on the radio but now could hear the Bible as she worked in the kitchen. Sharon gave a short sermon, we gave the children coloring pages, crayons and candy and prayed for each of them.

The month of June we spent in La Ceiba Honduras, on the Gulf coast, with our missionary friends at White fields. This ministry has been active for 18 years and has blessed the people in their area, the local school, several different orphanages, a nursing home and many other villages.  They host teams year-round but during the summer time it is usually has back-to-back teams of young and older Americans that come to bless the Honduran people and share the gospel of Christ. 

We love going to help with teams as we help in the kitchen, go to the store to buy groceries (lots of groceries), assist with cleaning and preparation for new teams to arrive and of course our faithful truck takes kids home at night and helps to transport people to different areas. Working together sharing God’s love is bringing hope to all of Honduras.

We continue helping Team Solheim with the Saturday youth program Club Aslan.  These young teens eagerly come to club each week to hear teachings, play games and have a fun time of fellowship. As the love of God is shown and taught, we know God is working in their lives to give them hope and encouragement to strive for a better life and to depend on God.

Evidence of change is slow but one young girl who attended club is now out of school but visits club occasionally. She and Kelly talked and she mentioned that when you hear about God, you should really listen and let it change your heart. That is our prayer for these kids, that they will hear and give their heart to Christ who is the only hope in this world.  Please pray with us for these youth to find God.

We love Wednesdays, that’s the day we go to Teach Me 2 Love school working and playing with the children there. These kids are eager to learn, sing, play and share. Special needs children are not accepted in local schools here so many of them stay at home. Praise God for Alicia and Jon and their heart to start Teach Me 2 Love. After Jon & Alicia visited and talked at the local college with students preparing to be teachers, many of the soon to be teachers came and spent a week at the school. They left with a deeper love for special needs kids.

In May Teach Me 2 Love was recognized as the 1st Special Needs school that the government certified. When these kids age out, they will graduate with a legal diploma. How exciting for them!  The training books and literature Jon and Alicia wrote will be used across Honduras to help many children and families; best of all it is Christian based. We may only play a small part in this school but we know the God who does great things!

Gene continues to minister at the local Prison where over 300 men and 7 women are incarcerated. Yes, they are in separate areas and Sharon, Genes interpreter, hopes to start a women’s ministry with them soon. There is a group of Christian men in the prison that listen intently while the rest continue their work or just sit around.  Our prayer has been and will be that all who hear will turn to God and accept Jesus as their savior. 

Recently a group of women from Sharon’s church wanted to take a meal to the prisoners and have a time of singing. The prisoners are fed regularly but a meal from the outside and a time of singing worship songs will brighten anyone’s day.  Eduardo, the musician who goes to the prison with Gene & Sharon, sang beautifully as scriptures were read following each song. Chinese food and sodas were given to each prisoner and they enjoyed their meal.

In April we did follow up on our friend Lucy, the young mother of 3 that I mentioned to you last quarter, her house was damaged by a fallen tree. As we drove up, Lucy and the kids were coming up the hillside carrying water from the river. Perfect timing as we, Heart of the King Ministries, brought her a water filter bucket so that she could purify the river water and safely drink and cook with the water.

We sat the filter bucket up showing Lucy how to use it properly and soon the kids were drinking clean water, they drank several glasses as they smiled and wiped their faces of dribbles.  The house had been repaired with strong walls and a repaired roof, praise God!  She was excited to show us the kitchen and we moved the water filter bucket in there.

We and Ruth, another missionary friend, also took food and other needed supplies for her. Please join us in prayer for Lucy, the mother, who has been diagnosed with anemia. She has lost weight and is very weak. She planned to go to the clinic the next day. Where she lives there is no running water or electricity. The local bus only comes to their area on Thursdays and to get to the bus stop they have to walk about 4 miles. Working together, we missionaries, you supporters and the power and wisdom of God, the life of this family is being improved.

In May we returned to visit Lucy & the children. They did go to the local clinic where the children received required vaccinations and Lucy was given a shot and some vitamins. She looked so much better; her health had really improved. As we got to the porch, she told us she was using the water filter system to get pure water for her family and for her sister’s family next door. She also was now working in the fields hoeing corn.  Thank you for your prayers for this family, Lucy now feels loved and is able to help provide for her children.

We are so thankful for the Mana Rice Packs. Distributing this nutritional rice gives many opportunities to share the Word of God with others. Along with fellow missionaries, Pastors and local churches in our area, a full semitruck load of rice has been distributed to fill hungry bellies as the gospel has been shared.

Recently, several from our church went to the local public hospital run by the government where medical treatments and some medicines are free but they do not serve food, not even to the patients.  Many of these patients come from the mountains or surrounding cities and do not have family or friends nearby to help them out with food. As we passed out 87 plates of food and boxes of juice, we were able to pray with many and encourage everyone. Even some of the employees received prayer and food. It was great to see smiles on their faces and to glorify God in this way.

Our friend Ruth connected with a man who works with the Adult Disabled of La Esperanza.  Immediately she thought of the Mana Rice Packs and asked if we would help with a luncheon for them and distribution of the mana pack.  A local restaurant owner offered to prepare some of the rice, a salad and tortillas for the group, what a blessing for these people. A message was given, prayer offered, rice packs distributed for them to take home with them and yes, dessert-cupcakes. It was a joyful time for everyone.

We each have a gift that we can use to glorify His name as we live for Him. In His plan for our life, He makes a way for us to share our gift with others.  It truly is a blessing for us to help others and we couldn’t do it without your prayers and support.  Every text, every dollar, every prayer is so appreciated and makes you a part of Heart of the King Ministries. 

We love you,
Gene & Robin
Heart of the King Ministries

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