Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras
Sharing the heart of Jesus in Honduras

Week One in Nicaragua

The flight was smooth and we landed n time in Managua. Immigration and customs was no problem and the next thing we knew, we were in the middle of a crowd looking for our ride.  We saw bother Issac and he greeted us as we walked out of the airport for the car.  A quick ride to the hotel and we were now in Nicaragua and heading for the climax of our third year of training.

The morning brought the sun and the heat of the country.  The hotest, driest month of the year in Nicaragua.  Our first day was spent in orientation.  We actual went to a ministry here called the Nehemiah center where we went through a Nicaraguan culture oreientation class.  It was good and very informative.  We discovered some things about the Nicaraguans that we can use in ministering these next weeks.  Off to prepare to preach tonight at brother Isaac”s church.

It has been a whirlwind of activities.  Our internet is spotty so we are not sure how much we will be able to post until we get back to the US.  Here are a couple of photos.  We will try to post more with expanded detail in the next few days.  We will be leaving for the  Miskito Coast next Tuesday and will be way out for eight to ten days.

We are staying with a local family in their home.  It is interesting and fun with three small boys.

Much more to come.

1st photo is door to door ministry, praying for a man who had a stroke. After prayer he raised his arms and spoke. 2nd photo, Robin, Gene, Connie & Pastor Isaac at local park.

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