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CBC Goes to the Dominican Republic – Day Five

January 22, 2017


Tim read many quotes from the book, “The Scarlet Cord, Nothing But the  Blood of Jesus.”  He said the book was a must read for those who have a heart for missions; and a must read for those who don’t.  People are dying. And others are asking, “Why didn’t people come and tell us about Jesus?”


The group split into two different groups, one going to Conrad’s church and the other going to a smaller church.

Conrad’s church had approximately 150 in attendance; reception we received was very warm and welcoming.  There were announcements, worship, offering, then we were introduced to the congregation.  After our presentations, Conrad preached the message using some of the points from the skits.  The team went to the front and Conrad called people up for prayer.  We all prayed as the Holy Spirit urged each one of us, many received blessings over their lives.  And of course, Tim Kolstad was Jesus, so many gathered around him to have Jesus pray for them!!!

Tim prayed for a woman who was unable to have children (this information came through Conrad who was interpreting for this woman to Tim.). Tim put his hand on her head and prayed, then his hand was moved by Conrad to her belly.  Tim took off praying in tongues and at the end told the Lord he wanted to be this child’s Godfather.

Tim asked a man if he had a pain and he pointed to his abdomen, and Tim prayed for him and believed that the pain was gone.

A woman asked Tim for prayer for peace in her home.  Tim prayed and sensed a scattering of evil/darkness from her home.

A man came up to Trisha for prayer, he showed her his pain was in his shoulder and she prayed in tongues.  At the same time, she was also laying hands on a woman who was asking for prayer for her marriage and her husband, Johnnie, and prayed for her.  The man, through Conrad the interpreter, told Trisha he wanted prayer for his mother who had some problem in the chest.  Trisha continued to pray for his mother.

Smaller church:  Barbara prayed for a young man who pointed to his abdomen and she laid her hand on him and prayed in tongues and he was set free.

A young woman came up to Barbara, couldn’t understand what she needed, so she began to pray in tongues.  The Holy Spirit prompted Barbara that the young woman was set free—don’t know from what, but she’s free.

Bryan prayed for a male (tall Dominican), he walked up to Bryan with his hand on the back of his neck.  Bryan put his hand over his and one on his left shoulder, Bryan prayed in tongues and the male began to twitch and lean forward.  Bryan, through the Holy Spirit received knowledge of infirmity.  Bryan continued to pray and received more knowledge and revelation from the Holy Spirit.  In Bryan’s mind he thought to cast out demons, one-by-one, and the Holy Spirit guided him to cast all out at once.  So Bryan did and the male was set free and in tears. Bryan and Mary then began speaking blessings over his life.  He was jumping up and down and around in circles.   Mary had a word of wisdom which was based on Hebrews 13:20 & 21 AMP.  Mary had Trina interpret to the man, meaning:  The Lord was going to do great things in his life in 2017, He was going to perfect him, complete him, equip him with everything good to do God’s will.  He received it and was jumping up and down.

In the evening, we went to a large church, approximately 350 people.  The congregation was so warm and friendly and inviting towards us.  The Dominican welcome has been phenomenal!  Although we worshipped in a foreign language, the Spirit of God is the same no matter what language is being spoken.  We went to bless them, and at the same time, they blessed us.  We performed our skits and gave a teaching and a testimony, then Tim gave the Word through Conrad the interpreter.  At the end, the people were invited up to be prayed for by our team.  We lined up in front and people came and were blessed, specific conditions were voiced and prayed for.  People were touched, many walked away wiping tears from their eyes.

A tiny lady came up front and Bryan quickly went to praying in tongues and David was praying on her other side.  Bryan began to sweat and was burning on fire.  The Holy Spirit directed Bryan to put his hand on her forehead.  She fell back under the Spirit.  Bryan continued to pray for her with his hands shaking, not his body, just his hands.  He felt fire and electricity in his hands.  With this lady out and Bryan still praying in tongues loud and clear in front of the congregation, he put his hand on another lady’s forehead who Carrie had been praying over.  Carrie knew there was demonic activity so she continued to pray in the Spirit over this lady.  When she laid her hands on the lady’s legs, the lady began screaming and coughing.  In the Spirit, Bryan saw black smoke come out of her mouth.  Bryan commanded the demons to come out and after more coughing, she looked at peace.  This happened a second time and Bryan commanded ALL of them to come out and she stopped coughing and looked peaceful.  Carrie was initially praying over the second lady who had gone out in the Spirit and was commanding demons to come out in tongues, and Bryan joined her.

Janice experienced a move of God during praying for a little man who kept his head down.  She didn’t know exactly what to pray for, she prayed in tongues.  When he walked away, he had tears in his eyes and she felt freedom.


Information taken from team report written by Kathy Hewitt (team journalist)