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What a wonderful time of the year! We give thanks for our God, the creator and giver of life, how wonderful He is.  We worship and adore our Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”  John 8:12

 In November we were able to go to La Ceiba and join our friends at Whitefields missions as they hosted a team from the states. During the week we were able to visit the local Nursing Home. Unfortunately, they are still not allowing visitors so everyone stood outside the door and talked with several of the residents there.  All were doing well and happy to see us. Fruits and vegetables were given to help with meals.

The next day we went to the local school. School was out for a winter break but the teachers and several students were there to make up tests.  The kids were so excited to see us all, smiles, hugs and hand bumps were all around. 

Later in the week we were able to have a Kids Club where about 60 kids gathered to sing songs, hear a Bible story, and celebrate the 90th birthday of Papa Billy, Vicky’s Dad.  Papa Billy loves being in Honduras and has a “home” on campus, his own room! The kids love Papa Billy and made birthday cards for him. Of course, there was cake, what a great celebration! 

One day we took a ride to visit the children’s home. Casa Cielo Orphanage is a gracious home for 9 children who have spent most all of their lives as a part of this family. 

They each arrive at the home around the age of 2. They love and care for each other and know how to make you feel loved and welcomed.  Many other children have come and gone from this home and are now on their own. Praise God for Leonard & Marie, Pastor Jeronimo and wife who love these kids and train them in God’s word. That day we also visited “The Village” where, over the years, one room block homes have been built for over 30 families. Because of restrictions we did not get out of the van but were able to hand out masks, briefly chat with children and give clothing to the Pastor to pass out. What we saw there was amazing, the families have taken their small homes and added rooms, they have planted vegetables on their small plots of land and the children run, laugh and play. God has done great things in the lives of these people, pray that they all turn to God and a revival breaks out in that village.  Gene and I had to leave before the team but the sharing and caring continued on.  God bless the people of La Ceiba!

Elections were just held in Honduras and we praise God that all was peaceful this year, no rioting or major issues.  A very liberal lady won as President in a tight race so we are praying that the Honduran people will take a stand for what God wants and the moral values they now have and not give into the ways of liberalism.  Please pray with us for Honduras.

We were able to work with Team Solheim who run Club Aslan for middle schoolers. Public schools are still not allowed to meet in person yet but the principal did give permission for Club Aslan to meet, praise God!  With 20-30 students coming each week it is a great time.  This club is for members only, any middle schooler is allowed to join, the kids love having their own name tag, playing games together, earning badges, learning Bible verses and being creative. Honduran Christian leaders are needed to help with this group. Please join with us in prayer that the right people will come along to help.

While Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Honduras, Thanksgiving is in the heart of every Missionary.  Our friend hosted the La Esperanza Missionary Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  We had turkey and dressing with all the fixings and a great time of talking and sharing.

The church we attend is small but a faithful group. For Thanksgiving the ladies got together and made dozens of cookies. For the Honduran ladies making cookies was a new experience. Chocolate chip, snicker doodles, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin & M & M cookies. These ladies are excellent at making tortillas, enchiladas, cinnamon rolls etc. but they have never had a recipe. They just know to add this and that and when it feels right, roll out the tortillas. Needless to say, they had to be shown how to use measuring spoons and cups and actually caught on very fast. While I was mixing with a spoon, they dove in with both hands and got the job done quickly.

The pans were prepared and they started rolling out balls of cookies filling the pans but we had to explain that the cookies had to be spread out so that when the cookies cooked and expanded, they wouldn’t all run together.  It’s the little things that makes a difference and when you don’t know, you don’t know. The smells filled the room and then we got to taste, they were all so good.  I think chocolate chip won as the favorite. It was a great night of laughing and learning and just being together.  Each of us got to take lots of cookies home. Gene didn’t have a favorite, but kept tasting to see if he could figure out which was the best.

As we continue to work with the Special Needs School, we celebrated Thanksgiving by going out for pizza. I have never seen a kid that didn’t like pizza and these kids loved it, with 3 pieces each, 4 for some, everyone left happy. When we went around the table sharing what we were thankful for, pizza was top on every list! During November the kids created turkeys from pinecones, made turkey headbands and learned God is faithful. (Dios es fiel)

At the end of October, the kids began learning songs for their upcoming Christmas Program. They just amaze me. They learned the words, some in English, and motions.  At times I would look and see some of them looking around the room but doing the motions to the song. The Christmas program was December 15 and they were ready.  The girls as angels in their white dresses, the boys in black pants with white shirts, they were sharp! There were head pieces for the shepherds with balloon sheep and cows.

The 3 kings had crowns and beards. Mary & Joseph had head scarfs and were a sweet couple.  Over 80 family and friends attended and heard the good news that Jesus was born as a light to the world. Jon explained that light overcomes darkness and the candles each person held were lit. The lights were turned out as the children sang ‘Noche de Paz’ (Silent Night). We continue to pray over these kids and their families that they can see and know the love of God in their own hearts and receive Jesus as Lord.

As far as COVID goes in Honduras things are about the same. No gatherings larger than 10 – 15, wear masks everywhere, use hand sanitizer before entering any building and walk through disinfectant.  We have not heard of any out breaks of Omicron in Honduras but we are in the states now. Praise God we have been protected from these viruses!  We have to have a negative COVID test result before exiting or entering Honduras and plan to return mid January.

During this season, more than any other time, our hearts are open to a time of thinking of others, sharing what we have, being joyful and praising God! This is such a good thing and we are thankful for all of you whose hearts are open to people around the world all year long. We thank you for your prayers, thoughts and gifts to bless the people of Honduras. Heart of the King Ministries desires to bless others and open the Word of God and give a message of hope to all.

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